We have all been reading about, and interacting with, Siri since she came onto the scene last October. But who is she? What does she look like? We’ll be exploring this topic as a part of our Macworld | iWorld Tech Talks on Saturday, January 28th, but why limit the fun to Macworld attendees? We’re inviting all of our fans and enthusiasts to participate, too!

Upload your depiction of Siri (created in any medium, limited only by your imagination) by Friday, February 3 for a chance to win one of three prizes!


1st Prize:

  • A custom engraved Nomad Compose
  • Your work featured here on our blog, in Nomad News, and on our Facebook page
  • And, your work printed on a custom 11″ x 17″ canvas!

• 2nd Prize:

  • A custom engraved Nomad Compose
  • Your work highlighted here on our blog, Nomad News, and on our Facebook page

3rd Prize:

  • Your work featured on our Facebook page and in Nomad News


  1. Upload your depiction of Siri by Friday, February 3.
  2. Winners will be selected by the number of votes entered for each uploaded portrait, so make sure to tell your friends and family to vote for your entry!
  3. You can submit as many as 5 portraits – let you imagine run free and increase your chances to win!
  4. Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes, including customs duties.

We look forward to seeing all of your Portrait Siri-ies in the coming weeks, and to seeing how different (or similar!) our interpretations are! Stay connected on our Facebook page for more news and updates. And make sure to let us know if you will be at Macworld so we can watch out for you there!

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