3 Ways Digital Artists Are Using Social Media

Social media, while still a somewhat new idea, feeds off of the concept that people communicate through sharing their thoughts, ideas and emotions. In regards to art and art visibility, social media has had a revolutionary effect on how artists are taking advantage of cultivating new audiences and solidifying a wider fan base. Whether through digital art, photography or video, here are three ways artists are using social media:

  • Art is more accessible to broader audience – By posting their work on their social media channels, artists are essentially moving their art from the local galleries and making it accessible to a broader audience. With the majority of people owning some sort of smartphone or tablet, it has become increasingly convenient to check the latest Twitter trends, Facebook posts, Flickr galleries and YouTube uploads.
  • Continuous uploading of work on social media sites – You can follow your favorite artist and keep daily tabs on their latest work! For example, @Artistinvermont shares with her followers via Twitter the latest progress on her digital and canvas art pieces, while Matt Connors keeps his fans updated by posting his work on his blog.
  • New innovations like Nomad Brush allow artists to create and share anywhere - With mobile technology like the iPad and other tablets getting more popular, artists are allowed more freedom to create and share their work anywhere. If they feel inspired on the subway, all they have to do is whip out their iPad and Nomad Brush and can instantly create and share their work.

Check out this Pinterest board that we created, rounding up some of our favorite art pieces created using Nomad Brush. And be sure to follow Nomad Brush on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest!

You’ll also want to follow these five artists as they’ll be sharing some fun art in an upcoming contest: @briankyap, @Matt_Connors, @Artistinvermont, @jgrauel, @sketchypictures.

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